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Closing The Gap

Our Mission

Projecting positivity, passion, and purpose upon our people.


Our Vision

Having a diverse program benefits children's educational, artistic, and personal development, the program welcomes students from all backgrounds. However, our program targets and recruit's children from low-income, high-crime neighborhoods. 

100% of the Closing the Gap Middle GA children are from these areas, primarily the Sewell Circle neighborhood. It is a transitional area where families struggle to meet day-to-day basic needs. The children in the targeted area have lived below the poverty line for the better of their lives which causes them to be at risk of dropping out of school, gang activity and victims of the drug epidemic.


Prepare our youth to be valuable and successful in  their communities. 

Our Story

Closing The Gap Mid GA

Closing The Gap of Middle Georgia-03.jpg

Closing The Gap was created with the sole intention of providing a positive outlet for the children in the high-crime, low-income areas of the Middle Georgia community. We strive to provide a safe-haven and a place for peaceful learning.

As a non-profit organization we offer teen summits, summer camps, festivals, field-trips, and other experiences designed around adding character, discipline, and depth to the younger generation. We also offer a variety of different activities and welcome everyone to participate . We mainly focus on community and childhood development, but we offer many services. Contact us:

Check out our College Career Pathways website

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